FLORAL DESIGN ~ Tulips & Texture

friday flowers parrot tulips wax blue thistle flowers contemporary floral design

Sometimes you need to treat yourself!  I’m not one for coffees out, or handbags, or spa days.  But send me into a flower shop, and I’m done.  Nothing beats coming into the house and seeing a thoughtfully prepared arrangement.  This time of year we all long for the bright and showy blooms of full summer sun, but we can’t quite find them yet at the florist.  This arrangement was placed on our entry table in the front hall, and was a bit of an experiment with texture and movement.

I used one bunch of white parrot tulips, one small bunch of white wax flowers, and a few sprigs of blue thistle.

Tulips look best long term when they can hang or drape over a vase, so I placed them at the front.  Make sure to buy your tulips before they open, as this offers the most longevity.  These ones were completely closed when I brought them home, and lasted a good two weeks.

The blue thistle, in the middle, is prickly and thorny, and is thus difficult to work with.  It provides beautiful texture in a bouquet, and I like to surround it with flora so as to avoid getting hurt.  It lasts forever, so if you’re looking for a showy, colourful textural plant, this one is for you!

The wax flowers, a favourite little addition of mine, shoots up tall at the back, adding both interesting texture and height.

Three flowers.  Very simple arrangement, with a contemporary approach and wild longevity.  Refresh the water after about 4 days or so, and this beauty should get you about two weeks.  Enjoy!

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

Let me know what you think!

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