Red & Green flowers

Complementary on the colour wheel, the combination of red & green intrinsically works.  Recognized firstly as the traditional Christmas pairing, there are many ways to incorporate both into your arrangements without having to sing “ho, ho, ho” while you do it!  RED is the color of fire and thus is associated with energy, strength, passion, & love.  It is bold, and works beautifully with other warm colours such as pink and orange.  GREEN is the colour of nature, and is thus considered earthy and organic.  It symbolizes growth and freshness, making it an ideal flower and filler leaf to use in arrangements.  Think grasses, hosta leaves, banana leaves, seeded eucalyptus…endless!


Why not make an orchid stem earn its keep?  Because they are expensive on their own, they make excellent flowers to arrange in singles for a graphic, modern show.  Here, a green Phalaenopsis has been clipped at the branch, creating several beautiful blooms.  I’ve placed them in green vintage cocktail glasses, creating both a modern & slightly ethereal looking presentation.


image (20)  image (21)
A delicious little arrangement of parrot tulips, orchids, and seeded eucalyptus for Christmas.


fresh cuts2

This arrangement couldn’t be easier, or more affordable!  All fresh cuts from the garden…3 hosta leaves, 5 sedum stems, 1 shoot of solomons seal (the tall leafy stem in the back), and a collection of grasses from my annuals pot.  Created on a whim with my daughter & son during the height of summer, it’s a beautiful arrangement for its movement & simplicity.  This one’s a keeper too…it lasted for more than 3 weeks!



WP_20131223_023 WP_20131223_020 WP_20131224_007

Amaryllis are my FAVOURITE Christmas flower.  Here, I’ve used three red stems with some green hypericum together…traditional colours with modern flare!  No poinsettia here thank you!  In the centre, I’ve placed a lemon cedar tree…if you rub the greenery, you pick up the smell of lemons on your fingers!  This tablescape typifies what I like to use at Christmas time…several seperate arrangements, with a contemporary approach to traditional styling.

Let me know what you think!

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