FLORAL DESIGN ~ From the Garden

spring floral arrangement fresh blooms cut from garden centerpiece contemporary peonies irises pink purple

Creating a flower arrangement from fresh blooms straight out of the garden is one of spring’s gorgeous little gifts.  Honestly, is there any other flower on this planet as beautiful as the peony?  My favourite are white, but they tend to bloom last in my garden, perhaps as a grand send off!  Spring time flowers suit me to a tee…showy, big, magnanimous, and feminine.  This little diminutive-looking bouquet is anything but, and is currently atop one of our family room tables.

I’ve clipped two light pink peonies, added one hot pink but, and three purple irises.  The gorgeous little cup you see is actually a plastic outdoor cup, but I couldn’t resist using it as a ‘vase’ for its playfulness and hint of vintage appeal.  Since this bouquet is multicoloured and loosely arranged, I thought the cup beautifully married the mood and look of the flowers.  Be sure to clip back a peony for inside use just as the petals are opening up, since once it’s in full bloom it’s nearly dead.  And who doesn’t want a peony to last as long as possible?

Ahhh!  Heaven…

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

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