AHHHHHHH!  I’m a blogger.  How the heck did that happen???  Well, here goes…

My name is Heather, and I am half Italian, half Scottish and therefore both an excellent eater and drinker!  I am a married woman working on me, and my family, and our home everyday. I stay at home and raise our two beautiful children, an eldest daughter and little ‘buddy’.   I was a teacher for nearly a decade, and a few years ago took the leap and resigned my professional position.

I realized that raising my babes was the thing that made me most content, and it was the very job that I intrinsically wanted to work the hardest on.  Some time ago, I realized that our home should always represent the very best of us, and should reflect our style…modern, elegant, slightly formal, and always a little whimsical.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either…me and my husband regularly tackle reno’s with gusto ourselves to make our house our own, and therefore our home.

Great style comes from knowing what you like, and having the courage to indulge your interests.  Don’t be afraid to go bold with your home & your life.  Be the one who stands out.  Give people something to talk about when they are in your home.  Overstock the bar.  Make people feel comfortable the moment they walk up to your front door.  Feed you & your family well, everyday.  Make holidays and birthday celebrations unforgettable for your family, especially your children…remember that your present is their future.  Leave a special memory at every turn.

Often homes are jam-packed with stuff, but no style.  My blog is an attempt to showcase elements of style for your home, from design to food to flowers to you.  I hope you read, look, take inspiration, and enjoy, and that YOU find YOUR STYLE for YOUR HOME.

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  1. Your post is Fantastic in many ways! I stayed home to raise mine as well, they are grown but I still think it’s the best thing I ever did. And like you, I had more ingenuity than money. Thanks for the reminder of how to live and love well, and thanks for following!


    • Thanks for the comment! Staying home with my children fills me up more than working out of the home ever did…and it allows me the ability to do all of the things that I like…design, cook, create…without feeling pressed for time!

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  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. See my blog for the details. Here are your questions. Congratulations! Sierra Michaels.

    Here are your 10 questions:

    1. What inspires you to blog?
    2. Ocean or mountain?
    3. Favorite City?
    4. Traveler or homebody?
    5. Favorite time of the year?
    6. Favorite movie?
    7. Favorite book?
    8. If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would they be?
    9. Top thing on your bucket list?
    10. Morning or evening person?


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