White flowers

WHITE is as uninterrupted as it gets!  Technically a non-colour, WHITE is associated with light and goodness.  Often used as a striking backdrop for modern print media, WHITE suggests simplicity and ease of use (think of the apple icon).  You can’t go wrong with white!  When in doubt, a white blossom is subtle yet profound when set on a dark table.  Line a row of single blooms up through the middle of your dining room table, and you’ve got a striking, and affordable, centerpiece!


Ah, the peony.  Has nature created a more spectacular bloom?  It’s magnanimous size is memorable, it’s scent intoxicating.  Beautifully feminine, and yet entirely modern when grouped on its own.  White, dark pink, light pink, yellow…the possibilities are endless.  These babies are beautiful on their own in odd clumps (i.e. 3, 5, 7), beautiful cut and floated one showy bloom at a time, or with other spring blooms.  Any season really!  They’ll be expensive during the winter holidays, but I promise you they’ll be well worth it when your guests gush at how amazing it is to see a peony out of season!  Worth  their weight in gold every day!


Martha Washington Geraniums are adored for their bloom and beautifully sinuous leaf.  Be sure to dead head (take off) bloom once petals begin to turn brown and wilt. This encourages new growth.  Here, I’ve filled a planter with 3 pots of them…sometimes more IS more!


Who doesn’t love a hydrangea?  Big, scented, showy goodness.  Every time!  A little temperamental as they wilt quickly, this is not a flower you want to arrange days before a big party or event.  Clip them and arrange the day before, but be sure to have one or two on hand for refreshing!  Hydrangeas are available all year, and thus make an excellent filler flower into arrangements from January through to the holidays in December.


WP_20131116_016 (2)
Christmas pots are one of my favourite things to create!  I love everything about the process…going to the stores to see what’s new in greenery, the cool air as I create, the fullness of the greenery, the height from twigs and branches, and of course, their grand nature!  Every year, I change it up, but tend to stick to the same colour palette of white, green, and chartruse.   I prefer white blooms (the only fake element) in my arrangements during the holidays and then I like to add colour with yellow dogwood, or curly willows.  White is right at Christmas!


close up pots
This was another version of my Christmas pot.  I went a little over the top that year, but for good reason…my kids were finally healthy after a horrible fall of fevers, it was my niece’s first Christmas, AND we had a very special family visitor.  I fell in love with these clip on birds years ago, and thought they would be a wonderfully unexpected addition to a holiday urn.  I tied small ball ornaments into groups of three, and used wire to attach them to branches in the pot.  I adorned the front door with a variegated boxwood bough, and then wrapped sparkling white ribbon throughout it.  White Amaryllis in the front and on top of seeded cedar boughs…Christmas explosion in white and green!


A few pictures of my study in white flowers…

coleus and white begonia planter DSC06730 DSC06739 DSC07246

Let me know what you think!

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