Modern, colourful, and simple flower arrangements.  Some made from your garden, some made from store bought fresh cuts.  All made with style and elegance.  Hosta leaves makes excellent additions into your arrangements, and are readily available from most gardens.  Remember to group flowers into odd numbers (i.e. 3, 5, 7) to add a modern, stylish approach to your bouquets.  Flower leaves should never be in water, so ensure to cut off before placing into any container…they rot quickly, and thus will add a undesirable smell!   Flowers add the finishing touch to tablescapes, and are always a welcome treat for yourself just because you need them!  I put out flowers every week…in the front hall, family room, living room, main hallway…everywhere we are!  


ORANGE is a bold colour for your home, radiating warmth & happiness throughout.  It represents creativity & positivity, and it works beautifully with both warm and cool greys.  With this take charge accent colour, you & your guests will surely not forget these details!  It is often an unexpected colour for the home, but rest assured, you won’t be disappointed if you use it, even sparingly.  It will make you smile every time you turn the corner!

WHITE is as uninterrupted as it gets!  Technically a non-colour, WHITE is associated with light and goodness.  Often used as a striking backdrop for modern print media, WHITE suggests simplicity and ease of use (think of the apple icon).  You can’t go wrong with white!  When in doubt, a white blossom is subtle yet profound when set on a dark table.  Line a row of single blooms up through the middle of your dining room table, and you’ve got a striking, and affordable, centerpiece!

Complementary on the colour wheel, the combination of RED & GREEN intrinsically works.  Recognized firstly as the traditional Christmas pairing, there are many ways to incorporate both into your arrangements without having to sing “ho, ho, ho” while you do it!  RED is the color of fire and thus is associated with energy, strength, passion, & love.  It is bold, and works beautifully with other warm colours such as pink and orange.  GREEN is the colour of nature, and is thus considered earthy and organic.  It symbolizes growth and freshness, making it an ideal flower and filler leaf to use in arrangements.  Think grasses, hosta leaves, banana leaves, seeded eucalyptus…endless!

You might think ‘girly’ when you think of these colours seprately or together, but they are far from it.  Seeing as how the PANTONE 2014 colour of the year is radiant orchid, you won’t be anything but on trend with this colour pallette!  PINK can be soft and feminine, but when more saturated it’s bold, bright, and cheery.  PINK relates to feeling of kindness and empathy and is a sign of hope (think pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness).  PURPLE is associated with creativity, mystery, and extravagance.  Since it occurs so rarely in nature, it serves as a most unique colour to incorporate into your arrangements.  I love to mix both of these colours with each other, or with red and orange.

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