Picking a Paint Colour

picking a paint colour

Okay.  I’ll admit it.  So far, in a year an a half, I’ve tested 5 colours to select from for our master bedroom.  We inherited this room in a very, very pale cream.  With dark wood trim.  And really, really bad hardwood floors under cut pile beige carpet (that I hastly ripped out).  All of that will be swapped out for more contemporary stuff next year, but this colour is driving me nuts!  I change wall colour with the wind, but I know what palette I like and what works for us.  And I know that this room needs to be changed, desperately…


As far as neutrals go, the current colour is nice I suppose.  As far as creams go, it’s a little too pinky for me.  In addition, it just doesn’t offer any sort of zest…
paint    Benjamin Moore WINDS BREATH


Having owned homes for more than a decade, I’ve learned that I much prefer moodier, warmer, darker master bedrooms.  I love to come into our room at night and feel like I’m walking into a bit of a cocoon.  A place that traps out the noise and keeps us protected.  Plus, I simply feel like a dark master bedroom is just plain sexy!


I don’t like a lot of ‘colour’ in a master, preferring to keep my palette to grey, black, and cream.  I choose accents in the same palette.
throw pillows grey cream mix match interior design    The pillows on our bed showcase our preferred paint palette.


I love black, sparingly…
black accent piece vase stylish contemporary fabric drapery close up grey black caramel mid century modern vintage house home interior design


And I like glass to shine to bounce around the room…
20150325_080624 pendant light master interior design house home capiz shell vintage


Here’s what I’ve tested, and what my walls currently (sadly) look like…
choosing the right paint colour master bedroom contemporary stylish house home    Five different colours.


Living in this room for almost two years has taught me that I want a room with a bit more zip.  Plus, you see this from the front door, from farther away of course, but it’s visible nonetheless.  This room has got to say something!  You can see under the starburst mirror the colour I’ve decided to use.  It’s a little bit grey, a little bit blue, soft and warm.  It’s Benjamin Moore’s GREY GARDENS.  The second picture is more ‘in context’ and highlights the colour with the new, contemporary door and hardware (that we DIY’d last year).  So clean, fresh, contemporary, sexy!
colour palette black grey ivory caramel design house home interiors grey gardens benjamin moore contemporary woodwork hardware grey gardens benjamin moore


Next week it’s time.  I can’t wait!  Stay tuned…

picking a paint colour


Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.


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