My daughter is almost 7 years old.  And like most little girls her age, she is made mostly of magic.  She sees the beauty in everyday.  She giggles wildly at her little brother’s antics, and swoons over daddy, and loves to sing and dance on repeat.  Her hair always bounces when she walks and smells sweet when you lean in to kiss her.  She still loves to hold your hand when you walk beside her.  She still reaches for it.

My daughter is intelligent, and thoughtful, and kind, and confident, and a savvy leader.  She is a little explorer, adventurous, and rule-breaker (sometimes), and knows what she wants and what she likes.  She will comfort you when you are in pain by placing her sweet little hand on your cheek, make you rainbow loom bracelets when you feel sad, and go and clean her room when she knows you’re about to get mad at her for leaving it such a mess.  She always forgets to put her socks in the hamper.

She settles down my son when he flips out, calling him all of her pet names for him…Little Sir, Gus Bus, Buddy.  She helps him to build extravagant Lego creations, always making sure to use the pink and purple pieces to add her ‘flare’ to the piece.  She knows just what books her little brother likes to be read to at bedtime.  She picks him up and kisses him.  She is his best audience to test out ‘new material’ and will laugh the loudest and longest at his performances.  They are each others best friends.

She is determined, and dedicated, and motivated to be her very best every day.  Sometimes too much, but it’s not in her nature to be mediocre.  She loves to be great.  And loves when people compliment her on how kind she is or how smart she is.  She loves reading and math and science and art, and is incredible at all of them equally.  Her eye for detail is exquisite.  Her passion visceral.  Her talent complex.

This is my shout out to my girl.  My Peeps.  My lover of black olives, and Aero chocolate bars, and biking and swimming, and her lambies, and bold patterns with bright colours.  My wicked reader, and kind old soul, and giggler.  I could go on but you get the point.

Your place in my life is intense.  I am so very content and happy that you are okay.

You are purely magic, and you leave a little sparkle wherever you go.


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  1. Loved your post Heather. Complete and accurate description of our little Peeps. Totally beautiful inside and out. A treasure she is. We are all lucky to be able to share in her life. I know I am. Love ma.xo

    Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:33:38 +0000 To:

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