Orange flowers

Calling all extroverts!!!  ORANGE is a bold colour for your home, radiating warmth & happiness throughout.  It represents creativity & positivity, and it works beautifully with both warm and cool greys.  With this take charge accent colour, you & your guests will surely not forget these details!  It is often an unexpected colour for the home, but rest assured, you won’t be disappointed if you use it, even sparingly.  It will make you smile every time you turn the corner!


Tropical plant in ribbed orange ceramic container, topped with chartruse coloured reindeer moss.  Looks organic & dynamic and requires very little water, and just some light.  Excellent for those of you who loves flowers but hate the maintenance!


spring parrot tulips in yellow and cream
Two bunches of parrot tulips with one bunch of green mums to surround.  Stick into a cylindrical glass vase, and voila…fresh spring colours to cheer up your family room!


vibrant orange blooms
A beautiful arrangement of tea roses, pin cushions, and freesias.  This arrangement will likely last you up to 2 weeks, with one water change in between.  Fresh modern fun.


image (38)
A pretty collection of amaryllis and orange roses at Christmas.


image (19)
My favourite outdoor pot for summer…orange impatients, asymmetrical, and a bold tropical plant!  Perfection.

Let me know what you think!

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