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I will admit, I was much wilder in my 20’s than my 30’s.  But life lets you be that way when you’re young, employed, and with no dependents and bills to pay.  I drank when I wanted to drink, wore anything because everything looked good, smoked a lot, swore even more, and drunk-danced until 3.

There is something about aging that makes us all feel like we should tuck in a little…stop the partying, couple up, spend nights in, have dinner guests, listen to jazz while we cook…oh god!  Women buy the black coats, because it’s easy and they match everything.  We have ‘easy haircuts’ because think we don’t have the time to tend to ourselves.  We buy cotton underwear, in bulk, because it’s cheap.  Lacy ones seem ‘unnecessary’.  Thongs were for when we were younger!  We look for exercises to relax us, and sooth our weary nerves.  We drive practical cars.  OH MY GOD!  Have we parodied ourselves???

When I think about it, there are only three things that separate my 30’s from my 20’s…marriage, children, and home ownership.  Big ticket items, yes they are, but boring they ain’t!  I have never felt more confident in my life.  Which is how a lot of women, and men, I think, feel in this next chapter.  So why is it so boring for so many people?  Why aren’t more people having fun?  Or looking sexy (which isn’t sleazy btw)?  Or having great sex, and lots of it?  Or decorating their homes with interesting furniture, and not remnants of University days?  Or going out for dinner, and getting too drunk to drive home?  This isn’t being irresponsible, it’s being real.

I refuse to live a boring life.  My life is not a big adventure the way it was a decade ago.  It can’t be.  The kids have school.  The hubs has a job.  And, for the record, I will not EVER wear a bikini again in my life.  But I sure as hell will search out the sexiest 1-piece I can!  At this stage of my life, I have the experience, and the means, to express myself in a purer way, and to be honest about things…

I enjoy drinking.  And dancing.  And that does not mean that I’m the drunk mom, or wife.  It means that I like to have a drink and dance.  Usually together.  And usually when me and the hubs sit together and drink and talk, and our kids sit and colour and dance with us.  I like to wear clothes that make me look like a woman.  I like my pants fitted, not baggy.  I like heels, and high boots, and lacy bras…not necessarily all together, but if that’s where the night leads, good on me!  I like to wear clothes that make me feel good, and attractive, and stylish.  I am not afraid to wear summer clothes…the way lots of women wear capris because they hate their legs.  I get so fucking hot in the summer, the idea of pants, or capris, nearly makes me lose my mind.  My knees are fine-looking, thank you!  I swear, a lot, still.  Even as a mom.  It’s not gonna kill my kids to hear it.  What would be of detriment to them is if they never heard my voice.  I wear colour now, more than I ever did before.  When I was young, I didn’t want to stand out.  Now, I love how colour makes me feel, and how it looks, and how it can brighten up the gloomiest, and coldest, day.  I like to stay up late, surfing the net on my phone while my husband lay beside me asleep for work the next day.  I love to be connected to things, and places, and people in a way that I was too afraid to be when I was in my 20’s.  I like to eat.  And I’m not intimidated to eat, and to feel full, and to go out to eat with friends, because I was for a LONG time long ago.

These things make me my best.  And if that makes me wild, so be it.  Better to live with verve than in the monotony of the everyday.  Break out of those shells.  Be present.  Be fun.  Be available.  Be hungry.  Be sexy.  Be drunk.  Be silly.  Just be.

Enjoy Your Moments with The Ones who Make Your Memories.

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  1. Love love love this is exactly how we should still be feeling at 70. My mom is and wow I’m following right behind here. Never give in or give up because we only have right now.

    Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,


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