Finding that ‘Jumping Off’ point for Decorating

contemporary bathroom update

I went to return something at Homesense, and bam!  Just like that, and most unexpectedly…this mirror found me (or at least that’s the story I’m going to tell the hubs!).  Okay, I was looking through the mirror section, searching for something black, a little whimsical, bold, and unique.  I mean, come on!  How could I NOT buy this?  I just gotta convince the hubs…

We have talked about replacing the mirror and old, trad wall sconce in there, so I’m not totally out on a limb here.  The previous owners chose both of those items, and while they suit the room, I think we can do WAY better!

This mirror is the jumping off point.  Every room has a jumping off point.  Sometimes it’s a swatch of fabric, which dictates wall colour and such.  Sometimes its a piece of furniture – architectural and structured.  Often for me it’s ceiling lighting…full of whimsy, movement, and boldness.  This time it’s this mirror.  Its gotta hang in this bathroom!

The ONLY problem is that the wall sconce is a touch too low.  This mirror is 36″ square (told you I love bold gestures!).  The wall sconce has got to be moved up about 4″ or so, which would make it a little too close to the ceiling…or…we could remove it all together.  Send the wire up and over in the ceiling of the bathroom to hang a beautifully interesting light…

I found this little flushmount at Union Lighting and Furnishings

union lighting 4 light flushmount
I can get this in a brushed nickel, which would play up beautifully the metal on the mirror!

I’m an excellent patcher/sander/primer, so the hole that will be exposed when we move the light will be no problem to fill.  I have to paint the bathroom anyways.  The wall sconce is outdated.  This is a cheap and cheerful update to an otherwise perfectly fine, but a LITTLE too trad, bathroom. (These will be my points of proof I will use to convince my hubs that this mirror is THE mirror).

 contemporary bathroom update modern mirror black and white

Stay tuned…This one’s gonna look amazing!

Make it Your Own, and You make it Your Home.

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