HOW TO ~ Use Bold Blue in a Bedroom

nile blue accent wall boys room

I love, love, love the colour blue.  Both for its wide variation and calming effect, blue seems to make it into nearly every room I decorate.  For our son’s room, his big request was a big, bright, bold and blue wall.  Just one.  I’m not one to paint an entire room in a bold colour, but the idea of one singular wall gesture with accents tossed around suits me just fine!  Since we use orange and blue in his room, I welcomed the challenge…I’m all about the accent wall, particularly in a bedroom.  It’s unexpected, and personalizes the space beautifully.

In his old room, in our previous home, I painted an awkward wall blue to give it a bit of kick…I figured if it was going to stand out, at least it could look cool!
Bedroom3 (1)


In this home, we had the same approach (and the same drum pendant as per his request!).  Neutral walls, this time a little more grey, and a bright blue wall, this time with more of a kick.  Here is what we came up with…

benjamin moore blue nile csp 560 CSP-365 benjamin moore grandmas china    Nile Blue & Grandma’s ChinaBENJAMIN MOORE


Rather than overwhelm the room by painting each wall blue, we’ve injected a large dose of playful colour that keeps it special for our son.  Also, since this room is visible from the hallway, having the blue tucked into the room works well, as the only colour you see is the other colour in his room, the warm, light grey.

To balance out the bold colour, we used hits of blue around his room…
gallery wall hanging contemporary stylish interior design boys room book bin boys room contemporary blue accents drapery blue boys room

The last pic is a close-up of his drapes.  Found at POTTERY BARN KIDS, the accent wall colour is actually used in the ticking pattern in his drapes!


Don’t be afraid to use a bold colour.  The secret may very well be where you paint it, and how you balance it out!  Good luck!

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

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