HOW TO ~ Organize Your Junk Drawer & Update Cabinet Hardware

how to organize the junk drawer

We all have them…those drawers in our homes that get filled with junk.  Pens, pencils, cables, scissors, paper scraps, you name it, it’s there!  I decided a short while ago that rather than getting angry and frustrated looking in this laundry room drawer, I was going to organize it once and for all.  It took no more than 20 minutes and couple of dollars, and voila!  A junk drawer that’s tidy and contained – and now a pretty place to find the things we need daily!

This is what the drawer looked like before, and then after…

how to organize the junk drawer before how to organize the junk drawer


This is in our laundry room, where the kids come and go before and after school.  It’s our main entry point with backpacks, and our stash house for little things like suntan lotion, pens to sign agendas, scissors, and cables to charge our electronics.  It has driven us mad for 1.5 years!

I bought four trays from LOWES.  The nice part about these were that they were black (a colour in the granite counter, so they matched!), and they had an anti-slip surface on both the bottom and inside of the tray.  This is great because they trays, and the contents, won’t slip and slide when you open and close the drawer.

I bought a large rectangular tray for the back of the drawer to store electronics cables.  I bought one small rectangular tray for pens, pencils, and sharpeners.  And then I used two medium-sized trays for odd and sod stuff – kleenex, library cards, suntan lotion, goggles, etc. Neat.  Tidy.  Sectioned off so you can find things with ease.

20 minutes.  That’s it.  And it has made it SO much easier to find what we need.

Oh, and while I was at it, I decided to change the knobs too!  I figured if I was going to make the inside of the drawer pretty, I might as well make the outside match!

door knob replacement contemporary stylish   Old one is on the left

cabinet redesign contemporary stainless steel knob stylish decor    New one purchased at LOWES.  Nice and contemporary!


End result?  Simple, clean, and contemporary.  A small change, but looks way better, feels sleeker, and just plain old makes me happy!

contemporary cabinet hardware1

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

Let me know what you think!

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