FLORAL DESIGN ~ Deep Red and Pink

ranunculus wax flower pink tulips red purple dramatic floral arrangement contemporary stylish

This is a striking arrangement, both for its bold use of colour and for its form.  It is simple, and yet the flower choice is slightly intricate and commanding, as is the colour way here…light, pastel pink through the spectrum and into a deep, almost black purple.

I used one bunch of deep purple-black ranunculus.  That is my focal flower in the front.  I love these flowers!  There colour is pure here, and intense, and quite commanding.  Surrounded by light pink flowers, they are ‘allowed’ to shine, and they also highlight the delicacy of the tulips in behind.

I have a small bunch of pink and white tulips and a few stems of light purple tulips, drooping off to the left.  These stems create the movement and modernity.

I’ve included three shoots of purple in behind my focal flower, for visual interest, but also to tie in my colour way from left to right.

On the right, I’ve inserted a large clump of wax berries.  These are sturdy little buds that last a long time.  They are look delicate, but have quite the look when clumped in large masses.  I’ve used the pink here because the inside of each flower picks up the deep purple of the ranunculus.

A dash of greenery, two different types, and this flower arrangement is bold, modern, and fresh.  And feminine!

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

Let me know what you think!

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