HOW DO YOU ~ Choose Artwork for Your Gallery Wall?

fotor created contemporary gallery wall pop art colourful style artwork

Now that you’ve organized the frames on your wall for your gallery display, how do you choose what to fill all of those frames with?  Start with what you like to look at!  Bold colours?  Monochromatic colour scheme?  Textures?  Black and White?  Landscape or Figurative?  For us, we love bright, bold colours.  And we love playful art…so Pop Art fit the bill.  It’s a play on pop culture, with dashes of bold primary colour.  And since one of its important elements of design is repetition, I took that literally and used many of the same prints on the wall, but interpreted slightly different (i.e. tipped sideways, cropped).  


The first step is to consider what you like.  Since we wanted playful, bold colouration, I went hunting for some cool art books. I know it might be blasphemous to tear pictures out of books, but these one’s had so many beautiful pictures that had to be shared.  Here is what I found…
pop art books gallery wall art colourful bold    I loved how these different books looked together.
Colour Deconstructed by Tricia Guild; Everywhere is anywhere and anything is everything by Douglas Coupland – Both from CHAPTERS/INDIGO


What caught my eye initially was their spine.  I always judge a book by the spine.  And then when I opened them, I loved their first pages.  Perfect!  Plus, they looked wonderfully edgy together, so I figured that together they would help me create a beautiful and colourful, bold and contemporary gallery feature wall.
spine of books for gallery wall whimsical bold colourful inside of books contemporary colourful bold


I flipped through them at length.  Then I focused on my colour palette…orange, blue, green, some pink…and went to sorting.  I came up with an edgy burst of colour that is evenly balanced on the wall.  Some pictures are pop art (Lego, graphic), others are bursts of bold colour.  All of it works together!
gallery wall close up contemporary wall art contemporary gallery style hanging family room mixed colour frames1 contemporary fractal gallery wall close up stylish trendy designing details decorating2

contemporary fractal gallery wall close up stylish trendy designing details decorating1

 contemporary gallery style hanging family room mixed colour frames2 contemporary fractal gallery wall close up stylish trendy designing details decorating

This large feature wall is just what we needed to draw you into the room and to create an element of warmth.  It also serves to balance out the room, for on the other end is the entertainment wall filled with tv, surround sound, and media unit.  All heavy elements, so this feature wall had to be heavy without being obtrusive.  Plus, the chairs that are on the way are grey and white, and should tie in beautifully!  Next step?  Relax!

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

Let me know what you think!

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