Pizza Bianco with 3 Cheese & Prosciutto

pizza bianco parmesan goat mozzorella cheese prosciutto fresh basil2

In our home, homemade pizza is our go to Friday night dinner!  Kids flour and roll, mommy cooks.  We try to get it all done before Daddy comes home, that way the kids can eat with dad, and the adults can eat with wine!  I love a pizza bianco…white, as in olive oil for ‘sauce’ rather than tomato.  It keeps the pizza light, and allows the flavours to come through.  I’ve used a delicious combo of cheese here – adding mascarpone would bring it over the edge!  As always, add fresh basil after cooking, and for this one I’ve got a drizzle of honey on top.  Unbelievably simple and tasty!



1 Store bought dough, halved (so it makes two pizzas)
Fresh Parmesan, grated
Mozzarella, grated
Goat cheese, crumbled
Handful of Fresh Basil, chiffonade
EVOO, for drizzle
Honey, for drizzle
Pinch Crushed Red Chillies


NOTE: If you are using a conventional oven, and if you have convection heat, use that at 375` for about 20 minutes.  If not, set oven to 400~ for about 30 minutes.  Use the middle rack for both.

Plug in the Breville Pizza Maker and allow to warm up, about 20 minutes.

Adjust setting to thin crust.

Roll out dough.  Flower a pizza peel, and place the dough on top.  (You will ‘decorate’ the pizza on the peel, and then place pizza on cooker once all of the toppings are on it)

Drizzle a little EVOO on top and spread around surface with fingers.  Add a few pinches of crushed red chillies to taste.

Shave a little fresh Parmesan on top.  Grate a little mozzarella on top.  Crumble a small hunk of goat cheese on top.

Rip apart some prosciutto slices and place on top.

Using the pizza peel, place pizza onto the pizza stone in the pizza maker.  Close lid, and cook for 6 minutes!

Remove from cooker and place on a cutting board.  Sprinkle fresh basil on top.  Drizzle a little honey on top.  Cut into 4 pieces.  Enjoy!


Mangia!  Let’s eat!

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