FLORAL DESIGN ~ Triple Orange Crush

contemporary floral design orange pincushion tea roses freesia

My favourite colour flower to use inside the house, hands down, is orange.  Come on, how are you not a little more happy now that you’ve seen such a bold and whimsical colour?  An orange flower arrangement always makes a room seem more energized, and since it’s not a colour we see often in our day to day, it also serves as a wonderful little dose of interest.

I prefer to make flower arrangements with one colour, or variations of a theme colour.  In this bouquet, I’ve chosen three flowers, all in variations on orange.  In the forefront is the pincushion.  Known and chosen for its texture, the stem is woody so you will need gardening shears to prune it (cut the stem on an angle and then slice it upwards about an inch, that way the flower can absorb the most water). Off to the left are tea roses.  Their interest is in both their size and their detail.  The petals seem to go on forever!  In the back are two stems of freesia.  Typically used in wedding bouquets but in white, a reddish-orange freesia is an unexpected element, and serves to add both visual interest and height into this compact arrangement.

In this bouquet there are 2 freesia stems, 1 pincushion, and 1 cluster of tea roses.  I have also used 5 stems of greenery.  The bouquet has been placed into a simple, small clear glass cylindrical vase.

As always, fresh cut your flowers, and add a pack of flower food before filling it up with cold water.  Lastly, ensure no leaves or flowers are touching the water, for the bouquet will rot quicker, and the leaves will rot too.  Enjoy!

Click on my section, Late Bloomer, to see more deliciously orange creations!  Also, you can find what inspires me by visiting my Pinterest board, Orange Flowers.

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

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