HOW DO YOU ~ Find Your Home’s Colour Palette?

agate colour palette contemporary home

Of all of the things that I obsess about, painting is likely in the top three!  I change colours constantly, and I love to find harmony, balance, boldness, and whimsy in my walls!  Paint is by far the cheapest and easiest thing to change in your home, so I suggest embracing those fandecks and roller cages, and that you all get your paint clothes on!

People often ask me how I choose my colours.  The easiest way to choose is to know your Palette.  How do you do that?  Well, start with the colours you hate, and then rule those out.  There have got to be some on the list!   Then consider the colours you like.  Think about the colours you wear, you like to look at, you choose for flowers.  The colours that make you feel warm, cozy, sexy, like entertaining, like being bold…whatever the impetus, there is a colour out there that works for you.

The second step is to identify how you like to live.  Do you want a calm space, with very little colour variation?  Do you like big, bold gestures, or do you prefer small hits of colour?  Do you like ‘matchy-matchy’ or is verve and difference important to you?  Are patterns on the list?  How about stripes?  Lots of questions, I know, but if you can work through them, you are well on your way to finding your colour palette.

That rock above has all of the colours we would ever need in our home.  Off the bat, I see about 2 dozen colours…which suits me fine, since when our homes are all fully painted, I roughly have about 20 different colours in them!  We are nowhere finished painting this home, and already I’m up to 16!  If you can’t ‘see’ the colours, the easiest way to pick them out it to hold chits of paint colours up to it.  That way you’ll be able to tell what works, and what doesn’t!

Here’s what this rock offers…


Neutral walls…
canadian shield para paint 1549 balboa mist benjamin moore CSP-365 benjamin moore grandmas china

 HC-172 revere pewter 2137-60 benjamin moore grey owl

 lace hankerchief benjamin moore CSP-65 old soul benjamin moore


Trim and ceiling colour…
benjamin moore white dove


Warm, moody greys…
AF-655 benjamin moore silhouette CSP-100 cosmpolitan benjamin moore AF-560 flint benjamin moore

 para paint peppercorn film festival para paint


Accent colours…
para paint mother knows best HC-158 benjamin moore newburg green benjamin moore blue nile csp 560


We use accent colours as pops of colour on the wall…
hot lips painted wall contemporary girls room orange painted skylight

nile blue accent wall boys room bathroom blog


And neutrals on some of the walls…
contemporary living room canadian shield para paint contemporary kitchen para paint pina colada

contemporary kitchen dark stained cherry cabinets


And warm, moody greys for the main hallways, and the rooms with high traffic and lots of family time…
contemporary family room para paint film festival

contemporary hallway benjamin moore cosmopolitan contemporary bathroom iron mountain benjamin moore contemporary laundry room para paint peppercorn

Once you know what you like, or have an inspiration piece (rock, fabric, shirt, pair of shoes…), it’s easy to choose colours!  Good luck!

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

Let me know what you think!

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