Ginger Orange Salmon with Rice & Mixed Green Salad

baked salmon with side of rice and mixed greens

This plate beautifully showcases how I love to eat…fish with flavour, a big side of mixed greens, and rice with my favourite additions of feta and tomatoes.  In my opinion, this plate has all you need, and makes for a delicious lunch or light supper.  I tend to make more than we need at night to ensure this momma gets a healthy plate the day after.  This ‘recipe’ is more of an overall suggestion, rather than it being an exact science.  I will confess, most of my food is like that.  I cook more out of sight and smell than I do out of cups.  Enjoy!



Salmon fillet, usually 1 per person
Orange Juice, enough to cover Salmon in shallow container
About a tbsp. of Ginger, grated
Rice, cooked to package instructions
Mixed greens, store-bought
Tomatoes, roughly chopped
Feta, crumbled
Fresh Lemon Juice
Kosher Salt and Fresh Pepper, to taste
Drizzle of EVOO


Turn convection oven on to 350~.

On stove top, prepare rice as per package instructions.  I usually have about 1/2 cup on the plate, per person.

Place the salmon in a shallow dish.  Cover with Orange Juice and freshly grated ginger.  Let sit for 30 minutes.  Once oven is ready, place fillets on cookie sheet and cook until there is just a bit of raw salmon in centre, about 15 minutes.

Rough chop some tomatoes.  Grab a handful of prepared mixed greens.  Once rice is cooked, scoop out serving onto plate.  Drizzle with EVOO, and season to taste with S&P.  Add the tomatoes, as much as you like.  Add the mixed greens.  Add crumbled feta cheese.  Give a good squeeze of lemon juice, and toss.  Taste, and re-season if necessary.

Once salmon is cooked, place onto plate with salad.  Squeeze fresh lemon juice on top.  Season to taste.

That’s it!  Fresh, light, flavourful.  Couldn’t be better.

Mangia!  Let’s Eat!

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