HOW DO YOU ~ Use the Colour ‘Marsala’ in a Flower Arrangement

Second only to the peony, the orchid is one of my favourite flowers, ever!  There are 100’s of varieties, and thus an almost unlimited array of pattern and colour.  They can be a little temperamental, requiring a nice dry soil, a humid environment, and a good dose of natural sunlight each day.  But, in my opinion all of that is acceptable since the orchid is so elegant, so grand, & utterly delightful.

orchid flower arrangement contemporary reindeer moss marsala

This arrangement is simple, organic, contemporary, and elegant.  The orchids, so small and graceful, are Marsala-coloured, with the tips of each petal an almost fuchsia colour.  And…wait for it…they smell like baby powder!  Yes, there is a sweet, intoxicating, and delicate scent from this flower.

I bought two of these orchids from SHERIDAN NURSERIES, at 30% off right after the holidays.  One is pictured here, and one is in a purple-pink container up in my kids bathroom.  This one is in our guest powder room, and I love how it adds a good dose of modern flare to an otherwise very traditional bathroom.  Bonus, it smells delightful!

Here are a few more of my Marsala inspired arrangements.  You can find more through my tab on the top of the page entitled ‘Late Bloomer’.  You can also head over to My Pinterest Boards to see inspirational flower arrangements according to colour!

CAM01064 modern purple arrangement


“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

Let me know what you think!

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