HOW DO YOU ~ Update Your Focal-Point Staircase?

How many of you come into your home everyday, look at your staircase, and wish that it would look better?  Do you have an outdated railing made of red oak spindles, painted or natural, and wish you could kick it up a notch?  Is your style more contemporary, but with a classic base?  Do I have a staircase for you!!!  

This is what our staircase used to look like…

focal point staircase

Red oak spindles and cap, carpeted staircase, unpainted…likely great for it’s time, but we needed to breath new life into our home.

It’s a backsplit, and the stairs (and fireplace in family room…which is next year’s project!) are the first thing you see.  The focal point.  For us, they needed to command your attention.  They needed to set the tone, and clearly indicate our design aesthetic.  Our tendency is towards classic proportions and design, but with a contemporary take.  We know what we like, and my husband and I search high and low (thanks, Google) for just the right ‘look’.  We don’t use designers or consultants either…everything in our home is designed by us, and most of the work (certainly all of the painting and woodworking) is completed by us too!

For our staircase, we wanted a cap (handrail), we wanted oak (white, to match the floors), we wanted painted risers.  But we also wanted it to look cool, modern, open, and interesting.  We settled on a glass railing with a white oak capping and stainless steel posts, as few as possible.  This kept the centre of our home open and interesting, and allowed both the sunlight to shine through, and for the design of the upper rooms connect to the main and lower levels.

Here is what the staircase looks like now…

hallway with contemporary glass railing white oak cap

We also redid all of the interior trims and hung new doors (Yes, ourselves…total DIY!), choosing a contemporary profile that blends seamlessly with the newly designed staircase.

Here are a few more snaps, from a variety of angles…

entrance hallway glass railing contemporary white oak hallway with contemporary glass railing white oak cap

side view of contemporary glass railing contemporary glass railing in foyer

Glass railing with White Oak capping and Stainless Steel posts IRON MASTER’S LAND INC

Everyone thought we were crazy for installing a glass railing…the complaints were that it would be too modern, and would get dirty from little fingerprints.  To that we said, adding a cap keeps it from looking too modern, and adds a contemporary spin on the classic staircase.  As for fingerprints, clean them!  We took a risk, and I think it looks tremendous!  Better still, this focal point perfectly captures our design aesthetic, and we love the attention it commands.

Now to redo fireplace, paint accent tables, get new family room furniture…;)

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

Let me know what you think!

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