Celebrating the New Year in Style

contemporary china place setting formal dinner

For our New Years Eve, for as long as we have been parents (which is over 6 years now), we have gone all-out for supper, at home.  Steak, crabs legs, salad, appetizers, LOTS of Champagne, dancing, music…you name it!  Best part is, the kids are with us the whole way!  

We always set the dining room table, fancy china and crystal, silverware, serving plates, the whole nine yards!  Yes, our kids use it all, and yes they sit on the cream chairs!!!  We love ringing in the New Year with a decadent dinner, with our favourite people on the planet.

vintage serveware

traditional china pattern noritake contemporary serveware

Here are a few of our favourite tabletop things.  First one is my very special serveware, vintage of course from my Great-Grandmother.  The second is our place setting with 5 pieces of china.  The last photo is a set of our place setting, given as a wedding gift.

For us, it’s important to have a bit of pomp and fancy in our otherwise very frenetic days, where it all sometimes turns into one big blur of lost time.

How better to spend the last of something and the beginning of something with the most of everything?

Whatever you choose to do, with whomever you choose to celebrate with, please have yourself a Happy New Year!  Enjoy the people you are with.  Love your loved ones more.  Be safe.  Get wild drunk.  Fill your bellies with good food.  Fill your brain with good thoughts.  Fill your heart with good company.


contemporary table setting gold silver glam luxe

Enjoy Your Moments with The Ones Who Make Your Memories.

Let me know what you think!

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