HOW DO YOU ~ Make a Seasonal Outdoor Arrangement?

 One of my favourite things to decorate is my outdoor pots.  I change them seasonally, starting of course with our holiday arrangements!  My winter arrangements are contemporary, with a combination of white and green, and include a variety of fresh greens, branches for height, and silk flowers for pop.  I use a lot of greenery because after New Years, I remove all of the sparkly flowers and ornamental balls.  That way I’m left with a delicious outdoor arrangement that leads well into Spring without looking like Christmas!

The number one trick for creating an outdoor arrangement for winter is that you’ve got to fill your pots before the frost…otherwise you wont’ be able to stuff the products into the dirt.  To thaw a pot, however, you can pour boiled water into it, and it should work!

Follow below for my simple steps to a beautiful Seasonal Outdoor Arrangement…


greenery assortment for winter white outdoor arrangement
Here, I’ve used 4 different types of greenery.  Clockwise, the top, wispy greenery is Australian Pine, to the right is Oregonia Boxwood, under that I forgot the name, and the greenery at 9 o’clock is Carolina Sapphire.  I bought all of these at Sheridan Nurseries.


greenery for outdoor arrangement
I used my wispy Pine boughs on the left hand side because the door is on the right, and I didn’t want to interfere with traffic.  These boughs turn an icy blue as they get cold and age, and they look beautiful against the white accents.


veregated boxwood in outdoor arrangement
Next, I insert the boxwood for visual interest, height, and volume.  Open up the bunch a little to separate the stems and stick straight up at the back of your pot.


more greenery in outdoor arrangement
I can’t remember the name of this greenery, but I loved its feathery, gentle way.  I placed two bunches, separated, in front of the boxwood to break up its stiffness.


blue greenery in outdoor arrangemnt
Next, I inserted the Carolina Sapphire…I love its bluey texture!


adding white to outdoor arrangement winter white outdoor arrangement
Next, include your white sticks.  Here I’ve got two, and the final one design has three, one of which is sparkly.  I also included some silver balls in clusters of 3.  Those, and the thick white sticks, were purchased from Sheridan Nurseries.  Finally, insert your white flowers…here I’ve got a big stem of silk Amaryllis (my favourite Christmas flower).  I bought this years ago at Write Impressions.  The sparkling white flowers are from Plant World.

The great thing about this pot is that once you remove all of the Christmas related stuff, you’re left with a stylish outdoor arrangeneent that’s loaded with fresh greenery that will look fabulous well into April.  Well worth the DIY I’d say!  Good luck creating your own!

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

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See below for more of my Seasonal Outdoor Arrangements…

christmas outdoor arrangement white and green sparkling outdoor christmas arrangement white yellow green outdoor christmas arrangement white green

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