HOW DO YOU ~ Create a Winter White Mantlescape?

modern winter white mantlescape

From the front door of our home, you can see right through to the back, and correspondingly right to the fireplace.  And while it is calling out for some updating, this year it had to wait.  Nonetheless, our mantle got it’s fair share of Christmas ornamentation.  I LOVE creating mantlescapes…every year is totally different…different colour, some are symmetrical, most are asymmetrical and full of ‘stuff’!

This year, likely because the family room is a warm grey (Para’s Film Festival), I decided to use a lot of winter white on the mantlescape.  Here is what it normally looks like…

contemporary mantlescape

Here is what I did…

collection of white for mantlescape white fabric mantlescape

I gathered up a bunch of white accessories.  White sparkly balls on sticks, white pom poms, the original stone white candle holders, and a rustic tree that I adorned with white balls.  I also bought some white sparkly fabric.

 peace sign for mantlescape peace sign before mirror for mantlescape

I set out our silver “PEACE” stocking holder (POTTERY BARN) in the centre of the mantlescape, and then put the white fabric behind it so that the silver letters would stand out.  I then placed the mirror back on top of the mantle, this time atop of the fabric.

adding elements for mantlescape  white balls for mantlescape

Next I added my outer elements for height.  Two large stylized Santa figures, two white-coated Santa’s and my homemade Tree.  Placed on the outside for balance, but not symmetrical.  I then added my sticks of white on either side of the ‘PEACE’ sign to add softness to the mantlescape.  I also added a large ‘M’ in front of the mirror…it was painted white so that it would stand out.  It represents our last name (and it lights up!)…pretty at night!

winter white close up mantlescape modern winter white mantlescape

I then added back in my white candlesticks, but this time with sparkling white pom poms on top.  Two red Santa’s on the left and one on the right balanced out the red (which is ALWAYS my husbands colour request for Christmas).

Ta daa!  A winter white mantlescape with dynamism and hints at Christmas gone by but also at today.  A perfect blend of yesterday and today for our family…nostalgic and new!  Mantlescape is done!

 winter white contemporary christmas mantlescape winter white christmas mantlescape

Make it Your Own and You Make it Your Home.

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