My K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sauce)

fettuccine with fresh tomatoes and basil

Low carb, schmo carb!  Many want to deny it, but carbohydrates (read – Pasta & Bread), are critical to a well-balanced diet.  I can’t go a day without them, and I blame it solely on my Italian background – I was raised on pasta.  I started eating it before I was 4 months old, and I haven’t looked back!  It’s as part of me and my family’s way as is the sun in the sky.  This recipe is my K.I.S.S version of a Marinara sauce…4 ingredients, and all MUST be fresh!  Don’t think you can get away with dried basil…it simply won’t cut it.  The trick here is to use fresh basil while cooking, and then add some at the end for plating.  This way, you get a much more dynamic flavour burst.  This sauce is cheap, quick, and easy…just how I like it! 


2 Large cans of Plum Tomatoes
1 cup Fresh Basil, chiffonade
2 cloves Garlic, minced
1 cup Onion, minced
Kosher Salt & Fresh Pepper, to taste
EVOO, for sauteeing
1/2 pound Fettuccine noodles


Fill a pot of water.  Place on stove over high heat.  Add a few good pinches of salt.  Once boiling, add 1/2 pound of Fettuccine noodles to pot and cook until al dente, about 8 minutes.

Turn on stove to low-medium high heat.  Add a few good glugs of EVOO.  Mince garlic and onion, and then add to pot.  Sautee until the onions are clear, and you can smell the ingredients, about 5 minutes.  Open and add two cans of Plum Tomatoes.

chopped garlic for fresh tomato sauce chopped onion for fresh tomato sauce

 sautee garlic and onion for fresh tomato sauce canned whole plum tomatoes for tomato sauce


Chop basil and reserve about 1/2 cup for finishing.  Add the 1/2 cup of basil to the sauce.

fresh basil chopped basil

add fresh basil


Use a potato masher to crush the tomatoes.  Add Kosher Salt and Fresh Pepper to taste.

 crush tomatoes for fresh tomato sauce


Simmer on low-medium while the noodles cook.  Once noodles are finished, drain from the water reserving about 1/8 cup boiled, salty water for the sauce.  Add the noodles and leftover water to a large platter, and spoon fresh sauce over top.  Add enough sauce to cover all of the noodles.  Grate fresh Parmesan over noodles and add the leftover basil, and toss.  To serve, scoop into individual bowls, and sprinkle some more fresh basil over top, & grate a little more cheese on top.  Simple goodness!

fettuccine with fresh tomatoes and basil

Mangiamo!  Let’s eat!

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