Pour Yourself a Drink, Put on some Lipstick, and Pull Yourself Together.

I’m sure I’ll take heat for this one, so let me start by saying I’m not criticizing – you can do as you wish, it’s just that I’ll do as I like, too!  Women, please, there is nothing wrong with looking like women.  I mean, wear some make-up, put on some earrings, do your hair, wear tight pants with nice lingerie underneath, walk like you got this, and have a drink already.  Dress sexy, dress plain, dress-up, whatever.  Whatever it is that makes you feel like you got this, DO IT!

There is nothing wrong with standing out because of how you put yourself together.  A handsome man never feels as though he needs to hide or make excuses.  Do you think George Clooney feels bad for his face?  Or Chris Bosh for his fashion sense?  Or David Beckham for his delicious body?  NO!  You know what made Elizabeth Taylor sexy?  Her appeal.  She put her femininity out there.  So did Marilyn Munroe.  So does Sophia Loren and Sophia Vergara and Beyonce and…

Stop judging one another.  Everyone is someone.  Some indulge.  Some don’t.  Who cares why!  Just be the best you already!

Life don’t stop when kids are sick and you are tired and work is demanding.  Get up, and get going already.  Make a decision to be present and available, because you are just as important as everyone else in your life.  Stop complaining and start appreciating.  Stop making other people responsible for you and the things you can’t/won’t do.  Present yourself in the best light each and every day…I’m not talking about wearing your heals and formal wear.  I’m talking about being presentable and looking appropriate.  Remember how we used to fuss before nights out in University?  Remember how we tended to our hair, had our lip gloss on, and our push-ups were working overtime?  Bring that shit back!  I’m almost 40, and I feel a hell of a lot more confident and comfortable than I ever did in my 20’s…and I’m probably about 40 pounds heavier!

And there is nothing wrong, EVER, with needing lipstick and a drink.  Don’t slump into looking ‘good enough’ to get out of the door.  How you present yourself is how the world see’s you.  Don’t miss an opportunity to tell the world to pay attention.  Let’s get our shit together ladies. 🙂

Enjoy Your Moments with The Ones who Make Your Memories.

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