HOW DO YOU ~ Make an Elegant, Modern Wreath?

finished wreath

Below is my simple approach to wreath-making for winter.  My outdoor holiday decor is a fine balance between restraint and stylish indulgence.  I tend to use white as the primary colour in my wreaths and holiday urns, and reserve the wild colour for dashes of accents, like ornaents hanging from the tree.  That way, when the New Year reings in, I can pull out and put away all of the over-the-top Christmas stuff, and I’m still left with perfectly appropriate outdoor decor that doesn’t look like it’s waiting for Santa. 🙂


Buy a ready-made wreath from any flower shop, garden centre, or big box store.  I love variegated boxwood for it’s classic feel and visual interest.  Here I’ve chosen the boxwood, and this year I’ve tried my hand at a square shape.

wreath bare
Variegated Square Boxwood Wreath – SHERIDAN NURSERIES


I use very little ‘stuff’ on my wreaths, as I like to showcase the fresh greenery in winter because it just gets so grey outside!  I also try to keep it to one, maybe two, colours.  This year, I choose all white.  I thought the back of the wreath needed some interest so I decided to wire up sparkling white fabric to the backside.  You need some white fabric and thin-guage wire with cutters.  Starting on a corner, loop a small piece of wire through the fabric and onto the wire frame on the back of the wreath.  Continue until you have worked around the perimeter of the wreath.
white stuff pinning


For this wreath I decided to tie sparkling white ribbon in the middle of each side of the wreath.  I did this to break up the monotony of the look. A simple detail, but a large impact.  I thought I was done, so I hung it to test, as you can see from the first picture.  It looked a little too plain, and was missing something…
CAM00836  fabric done


So I gathered up some white ornamental balls with a little sparkle, and then grouped them into 3’s (odd numbers ALWAYS for grouping!)…
little balls


And then tied them atop of where I placed the ribbon.
balls on wreath


Ta daa!  A simple, elegant, and modern winter white wreath, make in less than 20 minutes!  I love to make my own wreath at Christmas time…it not only costs WAY less than buying one all dolled up, but it’s such a gentle nod to memory-making.  You can’t help but feel like there’s warmth beyond the door when you’re greated with a lovingly created wreath.

finished wreath

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

Here are some more of my Christmas wreaths…as always, look around my website.  The tabs on top have loads of other examples of holiday decorating.  And remember, you can follow me @12heatherm to check out My Christmas Decorating on Pinterest and follow me on Instagram to see my latest decor updates!

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