Tablescapes with Style

close up

Greet your guests with style this holiday season!  Hosting a dinner party is the ultimate expression of your style and decor, as your tablescape becomes a reflection of your interests, moods, and keen eye.  Don’t waste the opportunity to wow your guests with your whimsical, on-trend, and stylish ways!  Entertaining is a perfect opportunity to indulge both your guests and your inner (secret or not-so-hidden) love off all things glamorous and decadent.  

The picture above was from this past weekend for a small dinner party that me and my husband hosted for dear family friends.  The meal was not fancy, but the table was dripping with fuss and foo-foo!  My inspiration for the flowers this year was Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Radiant Orchid.  Beautiful, exotic, warm, and zesty, and it works beautifully with my second most favourite, obsessively-have-to-have-it-on-the-tabletop colour, garnet.

For the flowers, I indulged in three garnet coloured peonies…out of season, but one in each vessel commands a presence as they are the showiest, and prettiest, bloom of the bunch.  I also used a large cluster of tea roses that were hot pink on the inside and had petals lined with a purpley-red.  Dark red mums, hot pink carnations, and a variety of other pink and red hued flowers completed the package (more on those tomorrow!).  I used the 5″ Mercury Glass Hurricane Vase from Chapters/Indigo in triplicate to amp up the glamour…voila!  Three times the decadence!

cover close up3 overall

table set from an angle

Notice the little feathery & sparkly garnet-coloured birds?  I snagged those (and the on-trend placemats) from HOMESENSE – the birds were place cards!  Outside the box totally, but entirely whimsical and fun.  Perfecto!

I placed, into gold-rimmed pink accent bowls, Christmas tree ornaments in Pantone’s 2015 Colour – Marsala.  They offset the saturation of both the bouquets and the placemats, and were perfectly on-trend…and with their little dash of shimmer they were luxe too!

The side plates (where I laid the garnet/hot pink cloth napkins) are my FAVOURITE holiday accent plates – WILLIAMS SONOMA 12 Days of Christmas Salad/Side Plates.  They have every colour imaginable through-out the collection, each plate is gold-rimmed, and they are a contemporary take on the super traditional Christmas scenery (which I don’t like).

in between close up2

ariel2 looking in ariel

Don’t be afraid to go over-the-top for your tabletops.  The dining room is the one place in the home where decadence is expected…it’s a wonderful talking point, and you can’t help but feel special when you sit down and look at a well-curated and dynamic tablescape.  Keep it trendy but not-too much, glamorous and approachable, and heavy on the shimmer, and you’ll provide a memorable night for your guests (that is, if you all don’t drink too much Pinot!)

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