This has been my week…

In between dryer-burned snowsuits, exchanging snowsuits, peed-in snowsuits, missing hats, wet mittens, poop problems, uneaten lunches, husband late nights, cleaning for weekend guests, after-school 4 year-old tantrums about loosing Pokemon cards, 6 year-old freak outs about loosing Homework books, late library books, playdates, holiday decorating, snow shovelling…

My kids have officially made me BAT SHIT CRAZY.

I won’t deny either that my solution for it all has been, “Fine, have it.”  You want a chocolate chip granola bar right before bedtime?  Fine.  You will only eat Kraft Dinner?  Fine.  You don’t want to change your underwear?  Fine.  You want Fish Crackers for lunch?  Fine.  You want to get out of your bedroom every 5 minutes for about 1/2 hour after I put you to bed?  Fine.  You want to sing a dirty version of “Jingle Bells”?  Fine.

Honestly, I just can’t regulate it this week.  It seemed like the week was going to be okay last Sunday night, but I should have seen the signs…we stayed up late after taking the kids to the Santa Claus Parade in Toronto.  They wrote their letters to the big guy.  They played Wii with Daddy.  They ate ‘Smartfood Popcorn’ and ‘Crunchits’ before bedtime.  That ‘s gotta be a recipe for disaster.

Yup.  It was.

My only saving grace is that today is Friday.  And there is a box upstairs with about 8 bottles of really, really good red and a few bottles of Prosecco…

Enjoy Your Moments with The Ones who Make Your Memories.


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  1. I thought I was the only one having the week from Hell!! you’re not alone Momma, it’s been a brutal week for all of us. I’m going for hard liquor as soon as I’m done work :)) xo

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