A Woman who Cuts her Hair is about to Change her Life.

Women have this strange ‘thing’ about their hair.  Moods can shift on the drop of a hat if the hairdresser cuts it too short, puts in too many layers (or not enough), doesn’t feather the bangs properly.  Conversely, when we get a great cut, some have been known not to wash it for days, for fear that they’ll lose the style.

Many of you who know me will know that I tend to have short hair, but there have been many bouts (including recently) where I have grown it out.  Not so secretly I will admit that I have never thought I was pretty with my short hair.  Long hair always looks pretty, or at least that is how it’s styled and portrayed to us.  Flowing locks, beautifully curled, bouncing endlessly off the shoulders of a woman.  My long hair, sadly, never looked like this.  It was always thin on top, straggly on bottom, and carried some weird combo of tight curl, loose wave, and straight mop.

Why I ever think that long hair is for me is beyond me.

But you know what?  I HATE LONG HAIR!  Not on you, on me!  Hate it.  Don’t like tying it back, pinning it up, the way it makes the nape of my neck sweat in the summer months.  Long hair + Me = Nope.

Short hair makes me feel free.  I know it sounds silly, but my short, choppy ‘do makes me feel so alive, so in the moment, and so good.  I love it.  And it has, once again, changed me.

I’m a lady who likes routine, and some order, and a methodical way of working through and approaching tasks.  But I am also an artist deep down inside…a creative, arty lady who does so enjoy change, and chaos (with colour!), and newness.  I will admit that as much as I like order and like to plan, I can’t see even one year ahead of me.  I know that I’ll be with my family, but outside of that I have no idea (and am driven to know) what tomorrow holds.  I like verve, and mood, and warmth, and dynamic venues & sumptuous colours, and ever-changing rooms that highlight my creative side and style.

And this haircut has kicked it all into high gear.  I was hesitant to start this blog a few months back – I had absolutely no idea how to do it, and was totally intimidated by the ‘big bloggers’ and blogosphere in general.  Interestingly, this newness has brought a whole new level of interest and hunger to me.  I am, once again, able to totally indulge my creative side.  I can finesse the details.  I can go to bed, with my brain running a mile a minute in a good way.  I have oodles of ideas, so much so that I constantly email myself thoughts and things so that I don’t forget with the flood.  I feel aware and fresh and new.  And it’s awesome.

A Woman who Cuts her Hair is about to Change her Life.  I have no idea where this body of work called ‘Stylish Life & Home’ will take me, but I am so excited to discover its organic path.  I love that I’ve been able to rediscover my artistic side, and been able to discuss it with other artists like you.  I have reached a stage in my life where my place in the world feels amazing, and gives me so much happiness I just can’t find a damn thing wrong on a daily basis.  I feel on the precipice of something great, something big, and I’m hungry…to see and to know.  I am in a new place, and brand new chapter, and it’s words are intoxicating.  I’ve definitely got my ‘thing’ about my hair and I’m never growing it out, again.

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