HOW DO YOU ~ Organize Your Kid’s Artwork?


Do you have so many kid pics from school that you end up with piles of creative creations on the kitchen counter?  Are you looking at all of those masterpieces wondering where to hang it all, since your stainless steel fridges aren’t magnetic?  Need a place to put the monthly calendar that is visible before you leave for school?  I’ve got the answer for you!

I love the end of the school day.  I always enjoy seeing my babes again, and being reunited with their beautiful, smiling faces.  I also love the walk home, the walk in, and to see what they’ve been up to each day.  And now, I love getting inundated with all of their artwork because I’ve created an awesome, simple, and stylish wall display for it all in our laundry/side entrance room.

Here is what the side entry looked like right after we moved in and I painted it over a year ago…

WP_20131017_016    P5243-73DPARA PAINT
Yes, it’s dark!  The cabinets are white on the opposing side, we get a TON of light, and it hides dirty fingerprints and scuffs!  It’s bold and dramatic, and warm and cozy.  This colour looks great all day long, with all kinds of light too…wait until you see the wallpaper I’m gonna use in the bathroom!!!  To see how it looks against the surrounding room colours, head to my PAINT THE TOWN section and click on Paint Samples.

This is where we come and go each day…the cabinets on the side that you can’t see (on the left) house backpacks, shoes, boots, coats, and the like.  AND there is a washer and dryer…this momma was in heaven when we first saw the home!  How many of you are crammed for space in old city homes (which was where we were), in desperate need of some smart storage for you and your little ones?  This room effectively demonstrates that you don’t need a large space for the space to be efficient.

Here is what I decided to do on the wall, to organize their school drawings and monthly newsletters…

this one  this
I hung two stylish magnet boards.  One for each kid.  The board looks like stainless steel (which is the finish we choose for all of our hardware in the home…the door here has yet to be replaced!), is perforated so we can use push pins, and is magnetic so we can use fun (and make) big magnets!

This is what I bought…

mesh-silver-bulletin-board     Mesh Silver Bulletin BoardCRATE & BARREL
The board comes with 10 push pins, and 10 small magnets.  Don’t be fooled though – these small magnets are super strong!  Heavy enough for sure to hold thick card paper creations!

You will need a long level, or laser level, to hang them at the same height.  If you wanna free style it, go for it!


detail  close up

Super sleek, super stylish, modern, and practical.  Doesn’t get any better!

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home!

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