FLORAL DESIGN ~ Modern Movement


Sometimes the most dynamic bouquets are the ones created by simple flower combinations, allowing the nature of the plant to provide the drama.  Here I’ve made a modern and fresh flower arrangement noted for its contrast and movement.  When you look at it, you notice the focal flower (tulip), and then your eye follows the grasses outward.  The eye also tracks the sinuous folds of the greenery…making for a wonderfully interesting bouquet full of movement and verve.

This arrangement consists of three bunches of flowers…1 white bunch of tulips, 1 bunch of variegated grasses, and 1 bunch of green leaves.

To bunch the green leaves, and keep them in place, I folded them back, spread them out a little, and then used an elastic to keep the top and bottom together.  If you do not contain the folded tip, it will keep popping out of the arrangement.  The gathered bunches of leaves serve as an end point to the bouquet, and almost seem to push out the grasses on the other end.  And because I’ve folded them over, they provide wonderful up and down movement for this bouquet.  In addition, their smooth texture is a lovely contrast to the sharp, pointed ends of the grasses.

The tulips are fresh-cut on an angle, taking about one inch off of the stem.  Buy the tulips that haven’t opened yet…they are the freshest and need time to open, and thus will last the longest.  Be sure to remove and droopy or damaged leaves – no one wants to see those!  By placing them in the middle, I’ve made them a focal point.  But this bouquet is far from traditional or symmetrical.  It is dynamic, full of simplicity of movement.  The tulips bring your eye to the middle, and then the grasses pull your eye out.  The folded green leaves bring your eye up and down, repeatedly.

The grasses were also tied together at the bottom, otherwise they will shift in the arrangement.  Don’t finesse grasses too much…there inherent want is to move and be free, so let it be!  I loved here how the variegation, the green and white, tied in beautifully to the white tulips.

All in, this bouquet was put together for $10 from the local Supermarket (there are often deals for buying 3 bunches of flowers).  You don’t need to put in 3 bunches of the same flower…it’s nice, and noted, and necessary, but for this location in our home (the front hallway), I like a little zest!  This arrangement is fun, bold, modern, and lasts for about 2 weeks.  A wonderful “HELLO” for our family and visiting guests!

See below for more examples of modern white flower arrangements made by moi!  Additionally, you can click on my section LATE BLOOMER to see my examples of the 4 different colour combos I use again and again for my flower arrangements.  Examples of them are also in my SPARKLING SOIREES & HOLIDAYS A LA MODE section called Tablescapes.

DSC06730 DSC07246 DSC06739

 IMG_20140904_225121 WP_20130611_002 geraniums

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

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