Colourful Tropical Plant & Reindeer Moss Flower Arrangement

  I‘ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I love me some tropical plants!  I figure, if I can’t get to the tropics, I might as well indulge my interests domestically!

Tropical plants make for excellent plants to incorporate into your flower arrangements…either in isolation with some flourish (see below) or mixed in with seasonal delights.  I’ve used tropical plants indoors and out, and I love them.  They are VERY easy to take care of, require very little water, and look amazing for a long, long time.  How easy is that???

For this particular arrangement, I wanted some pizzaz.  It sits in our main floor powder room, and needed to be punchy and fun.  I like to have an arrangement in the bathroom that the guests use…special and colourful and interesting to look at.

I chose an orange container because orange is the accent in the room…on the whole floor really.

bathroom bath

Everything here was found at SHERIDAN NURSERIES.

I found the container a while back for 50% off, so it came in at approximately $5.00.  The reindeer moss is around $15.00, but the box is large, and you need a very small amount, so it lasts a long time.  The plant was also picked up for 50% off, and was roughly $7.

The chartreuse reindeer moss is the pop here…you can change up the colour if you like so that it’s less dramatic (dark green), or wild and crazy (hot pink…I used this in a previous blog with a succulent)!

moss CAM04141 tropical


It’s super easy to make this stunner.  Buy a tropical plant, some reindeer moss, and a colourful container.  Presto!  A beautiful, lasting, interesting flower arrangement.  How easy is that?

You can click through my sections LATE BLOOMER and SPARKLING SOIREES & HOLIDAYS A LA MODE to see more uses for both tropical plants and reindeer moss.  The possibilities are endless when you believe that you have endless possibility!

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

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