Italian Trifecta Pizza (with Red wine and Prosecco recos!)

pizza toppings

Who doesn’t love homemade pizza?  Eat enough of them and you’ll never, ever eat a frozen one again.  Simple ingredients, very little seasoning, and fresh herbs characterize my homemade pizzas.  We almost always reserve pizza making for Friday nights…kids love to help after school, and my husband loves to come home (early) to them!  The smell is amazing, the ambiance (with a little red wine and jazz playing in the background) is lovely, and it makes for a beautiful way to begin our weekend chapters.

I used to cook my pizzas in the convection oven, rotating multiple pizzas at once, until my most amazing hubs bought me the Breville Pizza Maker.  I’m not one for kitchen gadgets or gimicky utensils…I enjoy cooking and prefer to prepare it all by hand.  I was not sold on it until the very first time I tried it.  It cooks personal sized pizzas on a pizza stone, and promises to cook it like a good old wood fired pizza…IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!  In less than 8 minutes, you get an absolutely delicious, wood-fired tasting, crispy, and healthy pizza.  Absolutely delicous, and absolutely worth the money.  I guarantee you, this appliance will change your way you cook and eat…and that is the mark of any great, and necessary, small kitchen appliance.  You will need a pizza peel for the pizza maker.  I use the Epicurean Pizza Peel from Williams Sonoma and I love it…has a little ridge on the edge that makes it easy to slip off the raw pizza.

I change my pizza toppings as often as I wake up each day, but this one gets my love again and again.  It characterizes much of the Italian way of cooking…fresh, simple ingredients, with delicious flavour, salty cured meats, and decadently creamy cheeses.  The TRIFECTA here is fresh basil, mascarpone cheese, and spicy cured salami with prosciutto.  Remember, don’t laden down your pizza with toppings…a bit of each lightly used makes for a quintessential Italian pizza.  I like my base ‘bianco’, that is with a drizzle of olive oil, as opposed to red sauce or pesto.  Do what  you want though!




1 Pizza Dough (store bought and split in 1/2 to make 2 pizzas)
3-4 slices fresh Prosciutto
10 or so thinly sliced Spicy cured Salami
1/4 cup Mascarpone cheese, broken into chunks
1/8 cup Manchego cheese, broken into small chunks
Fresh basil, cut chiffonade
EVOO for drizzling
Honey for drizzling


Plug in Breville Pizza Maker and warm up for about 30 minutes.  Once ready, set cooking mode to ‘thin’.  This cooks pizza quickly and keeps crust thin.  You can change crust based on setting.

Split dough in half.  Use hands to push out the air bubbles, and then use roller to roll dough to desired size.  You will need to flower under and on top of the dough to prevent sticking.
roll the dough rolling CAM04411


Flour the pizza peel lightly.  Place rolled dough onto pizza peel.  Poke dough with fork to prevent rising and then drizzle with EVOO and spread around the pizza.
pizza peel oiled


Place a few pieces of Prosciutto on top.  I like to split up the pieces a little.


Add the Spicy Cured Salami.
spicy cacci


Add the Manchego cheese and the Mascarpone.
meats and cheese all meat and cheese


In Breville Pizza Maker, cook for 7 minutes on ‘Thin’ setting.  Remove and top with Fresh Basil and small drizzle of honey.
after cooking blog pic


Slice into 1/4’s with a pizza cutter.  Plate, pour some Chapoutier Rasteau or Santa Margherita Prosecco  and enjoy!

Mangiamo!  Let’s eat!

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