I Stay at Home. I WILL NOT Wear Sweatpants.

 Moms – we worry about everyone else before ourselves, whether we stay home or not.   We usually don’t worry about our style and our clothing because, truthfully, we feel like it’s a little too self-absorbed, kind of silly, and unimportant.  I mean, who needs to be dressed up to stay home?  WAY WRONG!!!  If we can make sure that our kids have just what they need to look good, THEN WE CAN DO IT FOR OURSELVES!

As I write this post I feel silly and conceited, but I think it’s really important.  It’s not too tough to give some love to yourself before you and your kids head out to school.  It’s just that we normally feel it’s not worth it, or that we will look ‘silly’ if we ‘dress up’ in the morning.  I’m not advocating wearing your ball gowns to drop-off, but I am saying that making yourself feel good is important…for you.  When you stay at home, it’s too easy to forget about yourselves, conceding to hide under sunglasses or bulky sweatshirts just because you gotta get out that door.

Don’t.  Do.  That.  To.  Yourself.

I stay at home with our kids, a 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.  I KNOW what it’s like in the morning, trying to get out of the door.  How cold is it outside?  Did they brush their hair and wash their faces?  Are they properly dressed, and looking fun in whatever they have chosen to wear?  I usually end up chasing my son around upstairs in between “Arthur” shows and his daily requests for the iPad to watch YouTube Lego videos.  My daughter usually heads to her room to pick out some wild outfit with equally over-the-top accessories to wear.  My son loves brightly coloured shirts and socks.  My daughter mixes patterns with verve.  They are slowly learning all about their likes and dislikes, and they incorporate their individuality into their dress.

So should we.  It takes just as much time to put on a pair of jeans that you feel great in as it does to slip on the comfy sweats.  A swipe of lip gloss, touch of blush, concealer, and mascara take less than 2 minutes to apply.  It’s not much, and I find that make-up never, EVER, gets rid of my dark circles, but you know what?  It makes me feel a hell of a lot prettier in the morning.  And you know what?  I don’t have a problem admitting that.  I like make-up.  I think we all look better with it on.  You KNOW you feel better when you have it on…you feel a little fancier, a little more dolled up.

Boots, earrings, scarves, and easy jackets are my best friends.  I don’t spend much, at all, on my clothing, and I buy more than 90% of it online, only after searching for the best deals.  I only buy items on sale, from the stores I know I love and where the clothing and shoes work for me.  It’s all wearable, again and again, and they all give some fanciness to an otherwise (sometimes) quite unfancy day.  I’m a lady, damn it, and I want to feel like one!  Everyday!


Merona Chevron Infinity ScarfTARGET
Black & White is my all time FAVOURITE colour combo.  I saw this scarf yesterday.  It was like an omen, calling my name.  Textural and contemporary, and cozy for those fall walks to school in the morning.  I’ve had this jean jacket from OLD NAVY for about a decade.  It’s my fall coat.  Perfect for layering lots (and lots) of shirts and thin sweatshirts underneath.  The big silver square hoop earrings I bought at ALDO ACCESSORIES three years ago.  They are one of my staples.  Just enough sparkle to make me feel special.


whole outfit
My one ‘special’ buy for myself last year.  I actually found these on EBAY for 60% less that retail.  You can also find them at THE BAY.  But I love a deal.  And once you’ve bought the kids their winter snow suits, boots, multiple hats/mitts/scarves…ain’t much in the pot left for the momma’s dress!  These are my fall shoes.  And I love them!

It’s nice to feel good.  To worry about your style and yourself and how you look.  It’s not selfish, or vain, or self-absorbed.  It’s important, and it sets a great message to your children that you matter, too.  Don’t be shy.  Feeling good feels good.  If you went out to work, you would pay attention to you.

Don’t forget yourself just because your office is your home.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this post. All I can say is….Amen!! 😉 It’s not silly or conceited at all! I think we all FEEL better when we look better, and what kid doesn’t want their mom feeling better and happy?? Not to mention spouse 😉



    • Totally! It’s so funny, but I honestly felt bad writing that post. Like somehow people would think that I think that I’m better, or cooler, or whatever…All I know is that I love dressing up, even if it’s a little. I loved it about going out to work. I think it’s very important not to loose sight of it when we are at home…and, I know it keeps my hubs happy too!! 🙂
      Glad I found you here…


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