Using Twigs for Lasting Flower Arrangements

Often this time of year, the flower choices are a little scarce, as florists are finishing up their supply of autumn mums and cabbage, and preparing for the Winter holidays to come.  It can be tough to find arrangements of interest too…how many colourful mum/purple cabbage/red grass container plantings can we see already???  Nothing wrong with them at all…I put all of these in our gardens for the fall.  It’s just that, while beautiful, there are WAY more unique arrangements you can use, and for far less money than ready-made ones, too!

I LOVE using branches as flower arrangements.  They are tall.  They are textural.  They are architectural.  They offer loads of movement and interest.  And when you include a few little seasonal berries, you’ve got a pop of colour, too!

Fresh cut the stems, and then use just a touch of water…fresh stems look best when you can see the architecture of the stems rather than the watery image of such.  You can find a wide variety of stems this time of year all over the place…florists, supermarkets, and even your backyard (FREE!)

Here’s what I made for our dining room buffet…

flower arrangement

Two stems purchased in a package from LOBLAWS for $5.99.  Freshen the water once every week, and this structural and graphic arrangement will take you well into February.

These will TOTALLY be on my buffet tablescape during the Christmas holidays (check out others in my Tablescapes section under SPARKLING SOIREES & HOLIDAYS A LA MODE).

See below for other examples of how I’ve incorporated sticks and twigs into my arrangements…

image (19) WP_20131116_016 (2) DSC06576

 close up pots sticks 10689728_10154795004665440_7996347271371615407_n

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

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