Make an Orange Flower Power Arrangement.

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How’s this for a simple and seasonal flower arrangement?

In need of life for our dining room, I went on the hunt for some flowers that I could use to make a very simple, and very affordable, flower arrangement.  Looking outside right now is a mix of colourful and dreary…bare branches are beating out to the brightly coloured hue of the changing leaves.

Gotta bring some life back into the dining room!  It’s the first room you see when you enter our home…our ‘za za zoo’ spot really.  It’s got the chandelier, it’s got the furniture, it still needs the rug, drapes, and artwork, but we are getting there!

  dining room

Nothing grabs your attention more than a vibrantly coloured flower arrangement.  One that commands your attention from both colour and size is nice!  And just what this room needs this time of year.

This arrangement cost about $10.  One bunch of orange snapdragons, and two small bunches of greenery.

Fresh cut all stems.  Place the greenery in first, for support.  The snaps are tall but delicate little flowers.  Plus, the green serves as a beautiful base for the brightly coloured orange…plus, plus…they are both complementary colours and look striking when paired side by side!

Make sure to fill vase enough to last a while…plants are thirsty after you freshly cut, and don’t have any leaves in the water.  They rot, and then get a funky smell.

Boom.  Beauty.  Done!

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet

Let me know what you think!

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