Modern & Chic (Lasting ) Flower Arrangement for Less than $20



How do you add a little touch of modern and glam into your day when the weather is getting rather dreary, and add it on a dime?  If you can’t paint, add flowers!!!

If you follow me, you’ll know that I have a whole section calledLATE BLOOMERthat is devoted to all of my different coloured flower arrangements – Orange, White, Red & Green, and Pink & Purple.  I LOVE making simple and affordable flower arrangements.  Nothing is so instantaneously gratifying than seeing a punch of colour atop the kitchen table, on the hallway buffet, or the family room table!

I’m always looking for modern ways to present typical flowers.  Small, interesting vases, cool trays to rest them on, using mixed media in my arrangements.  This time of year is a great time to indulge in all of those deliciously warm and rich colours…rust, purple, deep chartreuse, intense orange…a colourful bonanza!

Today I was inspired to make a little arrangement for our kitchen table.  I always have an arrangement on our table…love the feel of it during breakfast as the colours always give us a much-needed jolt of good energy before we rush out of the door for school.  It has to be small so as not to block the view across the table, and it can’t get too wide.  Also, I’m not really one to fuss a lot, so I prefer plants that don’t need much water.

Succulents are a perfect choice.  They are hearty, love sunlight (but don’t need tons…through a window or skylight is usually sufficient), and need very little water.  In fact, the drier these little plants get the better.  You need to water when the soil is very dry, about once every two weeks.

Here is how I made this little stunner.  Bonus – it came in at less than $20.  Double Bonus???  You can do it for about $10 just by choosing a different vase!


CAM04135    Succulent purchased at Sheridan Nurseries ($3.99)


49b8e28mHnTYBfGBe67ddOZLp2Rc2NOuvtJUjnekOmk=w961-h709-no    Pot purchased at Sheridan Nurseries ($9.99).  You can do to Dollarama to buy a pot for $1 if you like!


CAM04138    Fill pot 3/4 full with dirt from garden (free!).


CAM04141  87iYF2qSfodTH0sRLzVNwr9imIzZCN0GVfVDGli8fpk=w443-h666-no     Reindeer Moss from Sheridan Nurseries ($14.99)

This was the splurge.  Reindeer Moss in Pantone’s ‘Radiant Orchid’ hue…totally trendy and modern!  This was the element that took the arrangement from ‘every day’ to ‘modern and chic’.  You can use green reindeer moss if you prefer, it would stand out less and be a little more traditional.  If you chose chartreuse moss, it would be wicked as it would pick up the colouration in the centre of the succulent.  I bought a box of the chartreuse too, but decided this purpley-pink was WAY more on-trend and glam!

To use it, take out small hunks at a time and gently spread apart, but don’t pull apart.  It is soft and delicate, and yet surprisingly tough.  It makes an excellent topper to your arrangements.  I’ve also used it outside in my seasonal urns and pots…amazing!   A box of reindeer moss will last a long time, so while it might seem like an expensive purchase, I’ve had a box last me through almost a dozen arrangements.  Not only is it a great way to add colour, but it retains the moisture in your plant, that way you’ll have to water it less!



Ta daa!  Modern & Chic table arrangement (that will last months!) for less than $20!

These arrangements would be striking running down the centre of your table for Holiday dinners…five or seven is preferred (always use odd numbers…looks way cooler!)  It makes a beautiful little surprise in a powder room, on your end table in the master bedroom, or in a small hallway atop a little console table.

Good luck creating!

“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~ Claude Monet


Here are some of my other arrangements where I’ve used reindeer moss…it’s my favourite ‘inclusion’!

WP_20130906_016 tropical WP_20131223_020 385083_10150993085535440_2063055302_n xvUvlmgqqB97tGcRCUVnun-Tn3lYw_bXcDZi5-YnOEY=w332-h666-no

Let me know what you think!

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