Update Your Bathroom for Less than $300.

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Here is what the kids bathroom looks like (for now…)

Below is what this bathroom looked like on the second day we lived here…

WP_20130822_009 (3)

Some sad combination of Greek and Roman doric columns, several beige handle supports in the bath (which is sunken btw…don’t EVER install a sunken bathtub.  It’s just wrong.), ‘Pepto Bismol’ coloured walls, shiny brass and silver fixtures, pink flecked ceramic floor tile set on the 45, beige accent tile in tub surround…horrible.  I tried hanging this big canvas with complimentary coloured towels in there, and it made me want to puke.

I’m sure, as they say, when this bathroom was first done it was good.  I’m having a hard time digesting that fact.  This room was bad.

At some point down the road, this bathroom will be the gracious recipient of a proper reno.  At this juncture, this pig had to be painted to withstand the next few years.

When this room is complete, here are the elements that I would like to include…repetition of square shape (not to curly, and not too hard linear), walnut coloured vanity, Ceasarstone countertop, polished chrome fixtures, magic mosaic marble for tub surround, deep flat front tub…

MARBLE-MAGIC-MOONSTONE-op4     Magic Mosaic from Saltillo Imports


stone tile limestone     ‘Loire’ Honed Limestone from Stone Tile


union lighting 054103-001    Robert Abbey lighting from Union Lighting & Furnishings


TuroLH    Apron Front drop in tub from Roman Bath Centre


0LondonGrey_388    ‘London Grey’ Quartz countertop from Ciot


But, for now, you gotta see the silver lining…

It is huge (it’s for the kids), there is a massive vanity (with lots of storage for the kids), and it has an awesome skylight.

So here is what I did…

1)  Sozzled off those horribly ugly pillars.  Don’t.  Ever.  Use.  Pillars.  As a decorative element.  It is never, ever, a good idea.  It looks amazing on the Pantheon and the Parthenon, but is just bad in your home.  Removing BOTH of these eyesores instantly opened up the tub area, which is good because it was a tight squeeze for me and my husband when we both bathed the babes.

CAM02875    There was a half column attached to this wall.  I cut it out and patched the wall before I painted it.


2)  Removed both the towel bars and toilet paper holder, and cabinet knobs.  They were all that 80’s combo of shiny brass and silver, and they had a small rope detail in them.  Not what two young children in 2014 want!  I swapped them out for a squared-up chrome set…WAY cooler, and since I was able to find square chrome vanity handles from Gingers, I’ve repeated this element.

CAM02882    Square Towel Bar & Toilet Paper holder from Lowes 

 CAM03295     Cabinet handles in chrome from Gingers

CAM03298    Shower curtain rings from Homesense


3)  Paint!!!  Since this bathroom is right off of the upper landing, it had to read as a cohesive element to the other rooms up there, and yet it needed some kind of pop to make it stand out.  It is a kids bathroom after all!  Not one for cutesy kid garb, I prefer to add punch into kids bathroom via paint and include current accessories to give them some verve.  I choose a bluey-green for the skylight wall, and then used a warm, light grey for the other three.  My husband was in total defiance of this master plan…I went ahead and decided that since this is the wall you see when you first see the bathroom, it had to be cool and unexpected, and had to satisfy the colour requirements for our daughter and son (read…NOT pink or blue).  Trims were painted out the wall colours, and we replaced all of the interior doors in the house, and we use white for it all!

HC-158 1549


Benjamin Moore Newburg Green and Balboa Mist.

To see how this room looks set against the other colours upstairs, head over to my PAINT THE TOWN section, and click on Paint Samples.


4)  Added some accessories for fun!


CAM03296 CAM03297  CAM03129 CAM03266


I painted out the wall art, on the left, the same colour as the wall.  It was actually a garden sculpture, intended to be hung outside on a wall.  I thought it beautifully married the line and repetition in the new shower curtain, beside it.  The tray with the polka dots was from $6 from IKEA (kids use it for stuff…elastics, clips, etc), and served as my jumping off point for colour.  The towels are all from HOMESENSE.

In total, this update cost me approximately $70 in paint, and about $50 in accessories (including wall art, shower curtain, hooks, tray), $100 for handles, towel bar, toilet paper holder, and another $30 for big art canvas.

Less than $300.  A COMPLETELY UPDATED LOOK!  And it will look good for years to come…

Here are a few more shot of the room

CAM02754 CAM03311 CAM02878 CAM02960

Let me know what you think!

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