Carry a thankful heart this weekend.

For Canadians, Thanksgiving is upon us, and it is a wonderful time to reflect on a year (almost done) and to remember that time slows for no one.  For me, holiday celebrations are bigger than us, and more about the heart than the usual ‘stuff’ that bogs us down during the holidays…like scheduling, money, time, or lack there of.

Like it, or not, it begins and ends with family.  We don’t choose where we come from, but we can have a profound impact on where we go with the ones we love.

Carry a thankful heart this weekend.  Be grateful for the family members that you get to celebrate with, as many of us have one empty seat at our tables this year.  Make amends with people so that your children can have happy family memories…your present is their future.  Appreciate the little things like the glow in your kids faces after they have come in from the cold, the warm smells as you enter a home, the sight of the table thoughtfully set for those who sit up next to it, and for the time that you get to spend largely uninterrupted from the world around us.

Everyone cares.  Everyone matters.  Be thankful that you are where you are when you are there.


Enjoy Your Moments with The Ones who Make Your Memories.

Let me know what you think!

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