Gifts to Thank your Host for Thanksgiving

For Canadians, the beginning of our national holiday soirees begins next week.  Thanksgiving is a beautiful weekend for us…babies get two extra days off school, the hubs is here for one more day, we get to celebrate (read…drink and eat!) with both sides of our family…what could be better than that?

As a little girl, I have fond memories of my parents getting all dolled up to go out to dinner parties with their friends.  I can remember the click of my mothers heels and the smell of my dads cologne, and of course the sight of their special gifts!  My parents ALWAYS gave gifts to every host that invited them over.  And they ALWAYS brought a great bottle of wine wrapped up in a beautifully coloured wine bag,  AND something else.  That something else was usually a little trinket, a unique thanks especially chosen for each and every host.  It’s courteous and proper, and makes your guest feel like you cared about them too!  You can’t go wrong by being generous, especially at the kick-off to the holidays.

Here’s a beautiful roundup of lovely little hostess gifts that you can give to the people who have you over during the holidays.  Whether you are invited for a sit down, cocktail party, or mid-afternoon nibble, a hostess gift is a must.  Be creative too…a bottle of wine is lovely (I’ll take red or Prosecco please!), but remember there are oodles of things you can give as a symbol of your thanks.

I’ve selected a beautiful mix of fall-inspired goodies, but I’ve purposely selected items that don’t literally scream Thanksgiving.  Orange, but in cool and inventive ways.  Mixed metals to be trendy.  Warm and textural pieces for interest.  Boom.  Thanksgiving gift giving done!




Why not wrap up a lovely little accent bowl?  This one’s a beauty…textural, organic, and in a brushed bronze it’s right on trend.  Easy on the wallet too, if you have multiple places to go!

Find it at: Cast Leaf Bowl – POTTERY BARN



anthro 24

Who doesn’t love mixed metal, hammered metal loveliness?  Add that to some serveware, and your guests have quite the dapper little dishers!

Find it at: Besart Serving Set –  ANTHROPOLOGIE



we 5-39

In 5 different shapes and sizes (and 5 different price points!), these mid-century inspired serving bowls offer a lot of bang for your buck.  The wooden base is warm and textural, and the sinuous bowl shines with beauty.   Offer these as a way of saying thanks to your most stylish host…they won’t be disappointed!

Find it at:  Mid century bowls –  WEST ELM




Earthy, on-trend, time worn looking wooden coasters.  Use them as decor or use them as coasters, they are that luxe!  This decadent little gift choice of four petrified wood coasters comes in 2 different colours ways, light and dark, and makes a swank addition to your hosts cozy family room.

Find it at:  Petrified Wood Coasters – RESTORATION HARDWARE 



cb 8.95

Six letters.  Small price tag.  Large impact!  Scatter along the centre of a holiday table, align straight and tight for modern appeal or loose and swirling for a more relaxed approach.  A hit for your literary host, or for the one that loves tablescapes!

Find it at:  Cast Aluminum Thanks – CRATE & BARREL



chapters 40

Simple pleasures!  Calm, cool, modern, casual…these napkin rings suit any decor, and every hostess’s taste!  They could be used for any holiday soiree too, making them a gift your host will use (with thanks) again and again!

Find it at:  Word Stamps Napkin Rings – CHAPTERS/INDIGO




How cute is this cake plate?  Beautiful colours, unique pattern, floral without being ‘old lady’ or ‘girlie’…it’s totally bang on for holiday colour!  It’s an excellent choice for your colourful, bold host who loves has an eclectic touch!

Find it at:  Kimono Cake Plate- HUDSON’S BAY 







Let me know what you think!

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