How to make a unique fall wreath

wreath final (2)

As much as we think about decorating the inside of our homes, we often forget or get too busy to put some thought into the outside of our homes as well.  Decorating to reflect the season or holiday is a great way to incorporate what is important to you and your family.  You don’t need a lot…a new plant in your planters, a string of lights, a new garden ornament.  It’s not a complete display, but what you put out there should reflect the mood and decor behind the closed door!

Wreaths are awesome…I mean, who doesn’t love to see a beautiful decoration gracing your entryway?  I love wreaths, but hate the traditional-ness of them all.  I prefer asymmetrical wreaths with some dynamism.  I like them to pop, but they don’t necessarily need to have loud colours.  For example, one Christmas, I pinned black balls in clusters to my outdoor wreath.  Rather than it looking morose or dreary, it was wildly unexpected, and was a perfect reflection of our holiday vibe that year.  I always like my wreaths to have something different, so that when people walk up to the front of the door, they actually want to look at it!  I love it when the eye moves around and around, and not necessarily in the traditional ‘circle’ pattern of wreaths.  I also love to incorporate unexpected elements…bold colours, non-traditional colours, unique materials, multi-textural pieces…

Your wreath can be a snapshot into your decor theme, your take on tradition, your world with you and your family.  This year, all we wanted to do after 7 solid months of renovating (and we did the work!), was keep cozy, eat warm homemade soup, snuggle up under our hand-me-down family wool blankets, and watch movies on the couch.  We just wanted some calm and coolness.  This wreath perfectly reflects our fall frame of mind…united, subdued, and yet entirely creative.  It was a perfect little surprise for both my babies and my husband when they came home yesterday, and I can’t wait for my family to come over tomorrow night for supper!


For this project, you will need:

Ornamental balls (I picked these ones up at HOMESENSE…you could try any decor store or arts and crafts store too)

Thin guage wire (available at any hardware store, dollar store, big box store)


Hot glue gun (I tried crazy glue, but ran out WAY too fast…I went through almost a dozen glue sticks)

Wire hanger (uncoiled and unbent and formed into a circle…this will be the wreath form, and you will hot glue your wreath onto it.  If you prefer, you can buy a frame from any flower shop too!)


Follow below to see how I made it.



I picked up these bags of balls from HOMESENSE.  They ranged in price from $5.99- $9.99.  This wreath is fairly large, as it measured 24″ in diameter, so I scooped up 5 bags.  In total there are approximately 30 balls…most large at about 3″ in diameter.   For something smaller you could certainly use only 4 bags, and save yourself up to $10.



I opened the bags and roughly sorted/arranged the balls into the pattern I wanted.  Be sure to balance the colours and textures before you get to gluing.  You can see in the finished product, I’ve scattered the dark and light balls around for balance and interest.  Also, to give some depth, don’t glue them flat against one another.  It is interesting to see some balls sticking out more than others (oh dear, what kind of wreath are we building here???).  I started making determining my size, and then I hot glued the balls into place to form the outer edge.  This will help with the placement of the balls for the inside.



Some balls needed to be wired to other ones.  To push this thin guage wire through, I used a long and thin screwdriver to run holes from one end of the ball to another.  Then I ran the wire through, and then attached balls to balls with wire.  This works especially well for the ones that look like string, since there is no flat surface to adhere to.


side of wreath

This is a photo from the side of the wreath.  Remember to glue the balls together so that there is some interest…different heights from this side make for a much more unique looking wreath, rather than gluing them flat against one another.


In total, this wreath only took about 1.5 hours, and that was mostly because the balls kept rolling every time I placed them before I glued them!

In under 2 hours, and for less than $30, you’ve got a seasonal wreath that doesn’t look kitschy, and you can use again and again year after year!

Good luck 🙂

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.



Let me know what you think!

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