Orange. Pink. Balenciaga. Boom


These shoes are everything that is right with the world of fashion and design…punctuation, verve, dynamism, style, substance, texture, allure, sophistication, bold…I could go on an on!

While I wipe the drool off of my desk, I will let you marinade over these delicious heels I pinned on  my LUSTWORTHY SHOES in PINTEREST.  And while these exquisite shoes are Balenciaga, and therefore out of the price range entirely, it got me to thinking about how much I love, love, love orange and pink together.  It is always  fresh, warm, bold, interesting, and looks excellent on every single skin colour across this beautifully diverse globe of ours.

Below is a small collection of my nod to orange and pink.  Mostly in accessories, you will often find me with this punchy combo when the mood strikes for morning drop off!  Just the thing you need to get your (and your kiddies) day going in the right direction.

Now, to find a way to buy Balenciaga…



CAM03566 CAM03583 rHF_MqstTEBMSY12mw20IzgRA7zE9DWlN0tNdmMFXm0=w375-h666-no CAM03572

34lhPb6b0qg_aL9nx7qbipSDO1YFUO8w_awI4ZRpTY8=w375-h666-no 5j46sH0rqxEIUBX5QOlk8q2eBikPLAzkfQjO_GOzdJo=w375-h666-no CAM03586

CAM03575 DwvLeIGrntRW43fXO5Yt0czKoB44IAfolFNwXGTUss4=w1277-h543-no OHnDWrlN_7CN0RD_QezmqbUVBH6WNjdqN3JtvTaFd_w=w1278-h502-no


Let me know what you think!

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