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Totally the colour du jour…grey has so much versatility as a neutral.  Gone are the days of ‘builder’s beige’, and while off-whites and creams most definitely have their place in our home, we love working with grey.  

Here, I’ve shown you the hallway…its painted a mid-grey that is warm and dramatic without being loud.  We felt that it was a perfect canvas for our trims and doors, and it allowed both the floors and the glass handrail really stand out.  Its neutral, but not boring, and looks great all day long!  This colour is called ‘COSMOPOLITAN by Benjamin Moore.  It is part of their Aura line…a beautiful paint to work with as it’s just thick enough and will let you work from a wet edge with relative ease.

I had previously used (and by that I mean a month before…and this hallway is tough to paint because it’s two stories…house is a backsplit!) a PARA paint called Network Access…a beautiful colour, but way too light for the hall.  Kitchen and Living/Dining are light, and right off of the hallway, so there was no interesting break.  The hallway disappeared in the house…not what we wanted.  The hallway had to have some zing as its so prominent, but it had to be subtle enough for other loud, and dark, colours to be used!

When selected correctly, grey is warm, encapsulating, and cozy.  When it’s too cool, it’s very harsh and prison-like…hadly the memory you want to create for your family or guests.

To select a grey, open up any fan deck.  You will likely see the range from reddy, to bluey, to green, to brown…not in that order though!   If you select a very blue-grey, it reads as cold on the walls – think of cement, block walls, concrete footings.  Not the look you want!  Hold up a grey with red in it…where is it?  Likely in a different chunk from where the blue colours are.

You should absolutely test your greys in your home…they get dark quick!  They are super moody and sexy at night, and add just the right level of interest during the day.

In my Paint Samples section, I’ve broken down our colour scheme through out the house.  Here, you will find, among the 16 colours used thus far (and we’re not done), many are grey, and all are warm.  There are 1000’s of shades, from cool to warm, from white to black.  You’ve gotta find a few that work for you!

Make it Your Own, and You Make it Your Home.

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