I can see clearly now!

 blog stairs

Here’s a picture of our staircase reno…previously covered in cream cut pile carpet and topped with a red oak spindle handrail, we swapped out the outdated trad decor for this see-through contemporary baby!  We had the railing capped in a white oak handrail, and the handrail has a beautiful routing detail that runs through it.  If you’re tired of seeing the orange in hardwoods, white oak is for you.  Because it’s white, and not red, it doesn’t add that ‘warm orangey’ look of red oak.

Both the posts and brackets for the glass railing are stainless steel…and we used this material as the jumping off point for all of the door hardware.  We (and I mean my husband and myself!) redid the trims and doors after the flooring was replaced, and we used a four screw stainless steel hinge for the doors.  I stained the handrail the same colour as the stairs…a greyish brown that matched, beautifully, our new brushed white oak floors.  Make sure to sand, very well, the handrail before staining.  Use a tack cloth to remove all dust particles too, or else your finished product will be bumpy.  The devil is always in the details!

This railing is bright and contemporary, and gives us a beautiful whole home sightline…I can see clearly now!


Find it at: Glass railing with white oak handrail – IRON GLASS MASTERS; Heath flushmount – RESTORATION HARDWARE; colour on walls – BENJAMIN MOORE COSMOPOLITAN

Let me know what you think!

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